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Our ADDITIVE Solutions

For each and every challenge, there is always a solution.

Well designed and scientifically researched products are the basis of the
TRAC Performance Minerals Additive Range where preparation, prevention, and hydration are the keys to successful young stock rearing

TRAC Calf Supplement

A customized water soluble nutritional supplement powder designed to provide a boost of essential vitamins and minerals for early gut development and steady growth promotion.

This product can be used from Day 1 and has been developed to support either a manual or automatic feeder system.  It is dissolvable in liquid and can be added to colostrum or whole milk.

With the key inclusions of B Complex vitamins, essential for skeletal development, assists with everyday enzyme reactions within the body and improved body condition as well as the following key features:

  • formulated for use in manual or automated feeding systems

  • 100% dissolvable in whole milk

  • includes Fibosel® an effective immune stimulator 

  • addition of Bovatec® proven to control coccidiosis and promote greater nutrient absorption in young cattle

TRAC pERFORMANCE mINERALS Calf Supplement is an essential inclusion in any calf rearing protocol.


Staldren® is a phosphate free granulated dry disinfectant application for use in intensive housing areas, stables and calf pens (as registered by the APVMA).

Staldren® acts as an agricultural disinfectant by reducing bacterial counts in animal faeces, absorbs dampness and moisture, can be used with a variety of animals, and ideal for slatted floors.  

It is a Danish product, which has been thoroughly tested by recognised international laboratories as a hygiene product and is being used world wide.  Even though it is gentle to the surroundings, it has great effect on bacteria such as E-coli, Salmonella, Camphylobacter, Staph.aureus, Streptococcus uberis and Aspergillus niger as well as fungi spores.

Staldren® contains the disinfectant Chloramine-T which assists in binding  the ammonia smell, so that both animals and humans can go about in the pens without strong smells and it absorbs damp and moisture, making it perfect for application in both wet winters and humid summers.


TRAC Performance Minerals is the exclusive Australian ruminant distributor of Staldren®


​Electro G® is a customised nutritional supplement formulated for young calves.  It is a powdered product that is designed to dissolve quickly in warm water and be adsorbed efficiently.

This product is a four-day inclusion in the diet that has the unique ability to be fed as an extra supplement with a whole milk or milk replacement ration.   This ensures the young animal continues to receive all the necessary nutrients for normal growth development throughout the treatment period.

Electro G® will correct low blood sugar levels, provide rapid energy supply and assist in dehydration problems.  In establishing a boost to the calves energy levels, Electro G® will also restore sodium levels, improve protein utilisation and restore intracelluar potassium levels.


TRAC Performance Minerals is the exclusive SA distributor of Electro G®

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