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Our OTHER BOOST Solutions

For each and every challenge, there is always a solution.

Well designed and scientifically researched products are the basis of the
TRAC Performance Minerals Boost Range where preparation, prevention, and hydration are the keys to successful young stock rearing



Maximise performance with TPM Boost H.M.A., a specifically formulated all-in-one mineral supplement that assists the uptake of key nutritional components during the challenging times of low magnesium availability in your pasture and crops.

Available in an easy to use loose lick powdered formulation with weather resistant qualities, TPM Boost H.M.A. is specifically designed as a high density mineral supplement containing the correct balance of essential salts, macro & micro minerals as well as Vitamins A, D & E with a punch of high level magnesium when most needed. 

TPM Boost H.M.A. is formulated with weather resistant qualities, making it perfect for open grazing situation of fast growing grass-based pastures and lush cereal crops in all classes of cattle and sheep and is a free choice supplement that allows the animal to consume their requirement according to their individual needs.



 TPM Boost GO, is an all-in-one mineral supplement that optimises not only the uptake of key nutritional components in an easy to use loose-lick powdered formulation, but also impacts ruminal conversion of energy by maximisng metabolisable protein uptake in diets consisting of green forage such as grass and crops.

This product is a Grass Optimiser formulation from the TRAC Team designed to assist in slowing the rumen’s flow rate which reduces energy losses of the animals’s digestive process on fast growing, high nitrate forages. This improvement in efficiency reduces the risk of soluble protein effecting uptake of energy to produce milk, meat or wool production, which is commonly known as Urea Recycling.

Containing the correct balance of essental salts and macro minerals, TPM Boost GO has been formulated as a free choice supplement with weather resistant qualities, that allows the animal to consume their requirements according to individual needs, in open grazing situation in all classes of cattle and sheep.

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