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TRAC Performance Minerals is powered by our consulting experts
Total Result Ag Consulting or 
TRAC as it is commonly referred to.


Covering all aspects of your farming enterprise, not just nutrition, in an initial TRAC consultation, we will assist in determining your business and personal goals and then develop strategies and tools to ensure these outcomes are met.

 Throughout your annual TRAC consulting program we are committed to delivering your visits when most needed with the flexibility to tailoring your package based on the needs of your business, herd/flock nutrition demands and the key productivity and profitability targets to be met.  This is delivered by addressing all aspects of nutrition, whilst being mindful of margins and your bottom line.

And as a part of the on-going consulting program, TRAC your productivity consultant will ensure your hard work achieves the desired outcomes of your business utilising systems and tools specifically designed for the dairy beef & sheep industry with the goal of optimising productivity and profitability.  

The business partnership with your TRAC consultant to implement the key strategies in the following areas is an ongoing relationship that sets up the production system to achieve the generic potential of your stock, optimise your fodder yields and utilisation, and maximise your business returns:


Health & Nutrition Management

  • Ration formulation & balancing to optimize animal health for the ultimate performance from your herd/flock, focusing on the key nutrient ingredients of Energy, Protein & Fibre

Productivity Management

  • Dairy: Transition & Lead Feeding; Lactation Management & Managing the Dry Period

  • Beef & Sheep: Stock Group Management; Meat & Wool Production

Joining Management

  • Conception & Submission Rates

Young Stock Rearing

  • Growth Targets & Skeletal Growth

Grazing & Pasture Management

  • Fodder Control & Increase UDM Production

  • Focus on Quality HG Feed Intake

  • Develop annual feed budgets utilising TRAC Fodder


  • Farm Analysis

  • Goal Planning

  • Budget Projections

  • Decision Impact Assessment


  • Constraints & Projection Analysis

  • Detailed Budget Projections & Bank Proposals

  • Staff Training Sessions

  • Policy & Procedure Implementation

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