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An all-in-one premix mineral supplement that has been specifically formulated for cattle of all ages. 


Whether used as a calf supplement for correcting mineral imbalances and deficiencies, or as a breeder supplement in preparation for the postpartum stresses of calving and overall productivity performance, TPM Trace Minerals is a low cost mineral supplement providing real results.

  • Contains a full complement of Micro Minerals

  • Added benefit of Bovatec

  • Scientifically designed to maximise performance & productivity

  • Animal consumes according to individual needs

  • Low dose & concentrated formulation

  • Cost effective

  • Perfect for use as a premix in dry mix ration or as a salt lick mineral additive

TPM Trace Minerals has been formulated as a free choice supplement that allows the animal to consume their requirements according to individual needs.

TPM Trace Minerals is  one of the most cost effective  minerals supplements on the market due to its low dose rate and concentrated formulation.

The adaptability of the powdered blend allows the supplement to be added  to either dry mix rations or a salt lick through in the paddock. And when used as part of your stock management program as a follow on from your TPM BOVINE BOOST feeding regime in the wet weather months, TPM Trace Minerals provides real value in any cattle grazing system.

TRACE Mineral Brochure

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